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How to protect your solar panel more fasten during the installation? 2019-06-27

Do you often complain that your solar panels are not strong but easily loose during the installation?

Is there are anything wrong for installation work?

Maybe you can try to add a step-Putting the Lord-Lock washer.

Lock washers have gradually entered many fields including aircraft, automobiles, trains, railways, ships, construction, machinery, petroleum, agricultural machinery, electric power, military, medical equipment and so on.It also widely used in solar industries,more and more EPC company are using this lord-lock (Anti-loosing) washer to protect their solar panel, It effectively help them save some losses in the solar installation.


The lock washer is not locked by friction but by mechanical structure. It consists of a pair of washers with tooth faces that engage each other. The angle 'α' of the mutual engagement is larger than the angle 'b' of the thread, thus effectively preventing the looseness of the screw.

Some advantages as below:

1.Keep the high clamping force to ensure fastening effect.

2.Easily install and remove washers with standard tools

3.The locking effect is not affected by the lubricant

4.It has more precise preload under specified and uniform friction conditions

5.With standard bolts and nuts have the same temperature 6.characteristics

7.Lock washer is very stiff and can support the disperse large loads

8.Reliable locking effect,even in short clamping lengths

9.Lock bolts to tighten and overhaul

10.Obvious locking function

If you work on solar industries,especially the solar mounting installation,you will find below once you used this type lord-lock washer:

·a. Pre-assembled parts ensure faster assembly speeds.

· b.Reduce human error, improper assembly, or forget to install lock washers.

· c.Easy to assemble products in very small sizes.

· d.Maintenance and repair in difficult to access or restricted areas.

· e.Disassembly is quicker and easier, and loose lock washers are difficult to remove, especially from countersunk holes.

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