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short rail solution 2019-06-18

  On June 3, one of our Indian customers visited. After a period of contact, the customer is interested in our products. Therefore, he deliberately took a day before the 2019 Shanghai SNEC exhibition, and specially set a ticket to fly from Shanghai to Xiamen to inspect our company.

   For the current Indian market, our roof brackets are the most suitable for the Indian market. Cheap and good quality. We led our customers to visit from the aluminum material supply chain factory, in order to let customers know that we control the raw materials from the source, and never use inferior aluminum material. Use fully automated production machinery to reduce consumables and increase accuracy. Subsequently, we led the customer to the production workshop to view the aluminum profile production process. Here, we can see that the aluminum material has been processed, become the finished product for packaging, and finally stored in the warehouse for shipment. HQ provide solar mounting system as well as components like rails, rail connectors, L feet, hooks,clamps, screws... After a day of conversation, I think the following products are very suitable for recommendation to the Indian market. For roof projects, short rail solution, L-foot solution are suit for tin roof. For ground mounting systems, they prefer steel solutions. We also have the corresponding GT1, GT3 mounting solution can be applied. If you are also looking for a reliable supplier, then contact us:

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