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How to protect your solar panels from being stolen 2019-05-30
Have you ever got complains about the solar panels been stolen?

Is it because of the lousy mounting system or inappropriate setting?

Well, it's because you didn't protect it in the right way.

A normal bolt and nut will be removed for seconds.

So you will need customized bolt and nut to protect your property.

Anti-theft bolts, bolts, nuts and tools used in the field of iron towers, metal frames, and high-grade guardrails are
commonly used. Even if they are used for anti-theft, they are also affected by high prices, not suitable for secondary fastening, and easy to loosen. As a result,solar farms,ground solar power stations, towers, transformers, guardrails, and important facilities are easily stolen.

The function of the anti-theft screw can be divided into:

1, To protect the interests of the merchant, the merchant uses the anti-theft bolt on his own product. For example, the anti-theft bolts used in many products of HQMOUNT solar mounting brackets, his main function is to prevent the user from disassembling the product and find out the reason in the maintenance of the product.

2, anti-theft function, anti-theft bolts will be used in many solar facilities products, because in the outdoor, there are many drawbacks in management, and the use of anti-theft bolts greatly reduces unnecessary losses. For example, anti-theft bolts are widely used in outdoor solar mounting systems.

3, easy to use, can be installed with a special wrench, without the need for special and complicated tools, HQMOUNT will be equipped with special tools to the customer, there is no need to worry about the installation.

4, the appearance is beautiful and generous.

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