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HQ Mount ground mounting steel pallet loading 2022-12-07
With over 100+MW solar mounting steel project delivered last month, a lot of customers come to ask us how to unload:

1, Use a pallet truck and the length should be over half of the pallet;

2, Have a platform for easier unloading;

3, Forklift according to the pallet weight, in our case most commonly used is 3.5 tons and 6 tons.

The year 2022 has come to the last month, 2022 is the harvest year of Xiamen HQ Mount, Although most of our solar hooks and solar rails have been fully automated and the production capacity has been greatly improved, we still have many accumulated orders in full swing to catch up with the delivery date, and our solar ground mount exports have tripled this year. Our PV roof racks are also very popular with our customers, and our solar roof hooks,solar mounting clamp,metal roof mounting L feet,solar roof mounting hanger bolt and other photovoltaic accessories are sold all over the world. If you have any demand for photovoltaic bracket, welcome to contact us!

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