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HQ Mount Launches Testing Installation for Self-Tapping Hanger Bolt 2024-06-05

June 4, 2024 - HQ Mount is excited to announce the establishment of a dedicated testing installation that is saving labor cost during steel purlin metal roof solar systems, the self-tapping hanger bolt, specifically designed for solar bracket mounting. This initiative marks a significant step forward in ensuring the highest standards of quality and performance for their products.

Key Objectives of the Testing Installation


Installation Efficiency:Evaluate the overall speed and simplicity of the installation process, specifically comparing it to traditional steel hanger bolt installation methods that involve pre-drilling.
Determine the optimal workflow and sequence of steps to minimize installation time and effort.


· Ease of Use: Evaluate the ease and speed of installation compared to traditional mounting steel hanger bolt that requires pre-drill methods.

· Tool Compatibility: Ensure compatibility with standard installation solar installation tools and equipment.


Durability and Longevity:Analyze the bolts' structural integrity and durability under various conditions, including variable weather patterns and temperature fluctuations.


· Corrosion Resistance: Test the bolts' resistance to rust and corrosion over time, ensuring they can withstand long-term exposure to outdoor elements.

· Material Integrity: Monitor the performance of the materials used in the double head bolts to ensure they do not degrade or fail under prolonged use.

Benefits for the Solar Industry

Enhanced Reliability: By putting the self-tapping hanger bolts through rigorous testing, HQ Mount aims to provide installers with a product they can trust, reducing the risk of installation failures and ensuring long-term performance.

Improved Installation Processes: The testing installation will highlight the practical benefits of using self-tapping hanger bolts, such as reduced installation time and labor costs, making solar energy projects more efficient and cost-effective.

Customer Confidence: Demonstrating the effectiveness and reliability of the self-tapping hanger bolts through a dedicated testing installation will boost customer confidence and adoption rates, supporting the broader goal of expanding solar energy usage.

Future Prospects

Following the testing phase, HQ Mount plans to publish detailed reports and case studies showcasing the results. These insights will provide valuable information for installers, engineers, and customers, reinforcing the benefits and reliability of the self-tapping hanger bolts.

About HQ Mount

HQ Mount is a leading manufacturer of innovative mounting solutions for the solar industry. With a focus on quality, durability, and ease of installation, HQ Mount is dedicated to advancing the adoption of solar energy through cutting-edge products and technologies.

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