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Solar carport mounting structure

HQ MOUNT solar carport mounting structure can be designed as single row and double rows of parking, which is suitable for most of solar modules. The simple and beautiful structure can be installed very quickly and without any welding at site.
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Solar Carport Mounting Structure

HQ MOUNT designs simplified and economic Solar Carport Mounting Structure. Our customers can have different options for both single row and double rows of parking. Hot-dipped galvanized or power coating is available. You can choose different colors for power coating. Our engineer with IWE (International Welding Engineer) can satisfied with any of your needs.

Solar Carport Mounting Structure

Solar Carport Mounting StructureSolar Carport Mounting StructureSolar Carport Mounting Structure


AL 6005-T5/SUS304/Q235B

Surface Treatment

Average Anodizing Coating Thickness≥ 10μm Average

Hot-galvanized Coating Thickness≥ 80μm

Power Coating Thickness ≥ 250μm

Panel Type

Framed & Frameless

Wind Load


Snow Load


Panel Orientation


Tilt Angle



JIS C 8955 : 2017, AS/NZS 1170


12 years quality warranty, 25 years life span warranty


1. The solar carport mounting structure adopts the structure of single row to facilitate the free access of the vehicle; It does not hinder the switch of the door; And the structure is simple and beautiful.

2. The main supporting parts such as column and beam are made of Q235B, with good strength and low price, and the cost recovery of photovoltaic structure is fast.

3. The rails are made of aluminum alloy AL6005-T5 material with good strength. When it comes into contact with the solar panel, it will not cause corrosion.

4. It can charge electric vehicles to realize environmental protection through recycling of energy.

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