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Solar tile roof hook for solar mounting structure

Solar tile roof system mounting designs with great flexibility both for commercial and residential roof solar system. Patented and innovative rail design, standard components, highly pre-assembled clamp,all the above make the installation simple and save your installation time and cost.
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Product Details

Solar tile roof for solar mounting structure

Product Name Solar Tile Roof System
Material Stainless Steel & Aluminum 6005-T5                                

AS/NZS 1170; JIS C8955:2011

Panel lay out
Landscape and Portrait
Components parts
Inter clamp,end clamp, rail, rail connector, solar hook.
Wind Speed 60m/s
Snow Load 1.4KN/m2
Warranty 12 years Warranty,25 years life time.
Delivery time

5-7 days for samples, others depends on the actual quantities.

Solar tile roof for solar mounting structure

Our Advantage:

1.We deliver solar tile roof system mounting solution with best quality, lower cost and better service, provide support with availability and flexibility and guide you during the whole design process.

2. Using advanced mounting technology, the products can satisfy the requirement of the customers not only with a variety of structures,but also the high quality products which are durable, long lasting, efficient and include 12 years of material warranty.

3.Professional technician engineer with more than 10 years in solar mounting.provide you best solutions you need, products with strictly quality control.

Tile Roof Hook Installation

solar tile roof system

1、Remove the roof tiles at the marked positions or the hooks with tile.Simply lift them slightly.

2、Insert the roof hook to the wooden beam. and fix the  roof hooks with screws.

3、Cover the hooks with tile.


solar tile roof system

1. When fix the hook on a wooden beam, the bottom of hook and wooden beams need to be parallel (not tilt), 

then use the wooden screw to fix. Add boards mat at the bottom of hook if there is a gap between hook and roof beam.

2. The length of wooden screw is dependent of the thickness of roof beam (THK).
- If 50 mm < THK ≤ 80 mm, the length of wooden screw will be 50mm.
- THK > 80mm, the length of self-tapping screw will could be 50 or 80mm.

solar tile roof system

Project case

solar tile roof system

Related roof hook types

We can provide different kinds of solar roof hooks. all types depend on your roof types like Roman tile and flat file and ect

Solar OEM service also available.There are no exactly MOQ, you can order small quantities for your testing.

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