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Want to know more about photovoltaic supports? Let's join our client's project!! 2022-11-02

During our trip to Europe in October, we were invited to visit many customers' PV project bases. Although the customers had already sent us relevant photos when the project was completed, and during the installation process of the customers' solar projects, they also sent photos to share with us the installation situation of the projects. However, when we saw on the spot that our company's photovoltaic support was perfectly combined with solar panels, we were still strongly shocked. The solar ground mounting project we visited this time was our 10MW HQ-GT3.

The features of this ground support are:

1. Pre-assembled rack, save installation time

2. Ground screw foundation no digging needed

3. Aluminum structure light and anti-corrosion

4. Universal solar ground structure

If you also want to know more about solar ground supports, as well as information about tin roof solar mounting system, ceramic roof solar mounting brackets and related photovoltaic installation accessories, please contact us.

Not only our HQ-GT3 has been well received by customers, in fact, many sets of solar ground mounting system are very popular with customers all over the world. This year, our ground pv brackets HQ-GT4 alone has already sold more than the quota of previous years, and our conventional aluminum profiles solar rails have doubled their sales this year, including photovolatic side clamp, solar mounting mid clamp, rooftop mounting hanger bolts, and pv tile roof hooks at the most.

Here, we thank our customers for their trust, and XIAMEN HQ MOUNT will continue to maintain and strive to provide customers with the best quality products and services.

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