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Solar Accessories Grounding Clips Solar Panel Earth Lug for Pv Mounting Bracket

HQ has 14 years of solar direct design and manufacturing experience, and we have a complete set of bracket accessories, where you can experience one-stop shopping.

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Product Details

HQ Mount Solar Grounding Lug Made of corrosion-resistant aluminum and SUS304.


1.With or without conductive plate.

2.Assembled and unassembled.

3.With or without installation hardware.

4.Meet standard of AS/NZS 1170.2 , JIS C 8955:2011 

5.Custom designs available upon request.

Aluminum Solar Mounting Grounding Lug

Grounding Lug ensures a quick and easy installation. Multiple equipment ground conductor allowance.

The low profile of the grounding lug allows it to be installed in a variety of positions with one solid or stranded.

 copper wire (14AWG to 6 AWG), or two copper wires (12 AWG to 10 AWG).It is installed using stainless steel .

mounting hardware. When the hardware is tightened, the conductive plate specialized teeth embed into anodized.

aluminum or any electrically conductive metal to establish a gas tight electrical connection.

Solar Mounting Grounding Lug

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