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Stainless Steel Solar Panel Grounding Earth Clips

Solar Panel Grounding Clips is an essential component of the solar racking systems, it offers earthing on the panel level at the mid clamps. The teeth of washer pierce the anodized coating well to creating an electrical path the ground.

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Product Details

Grounding washer is inserted between module frame and mounting rail, the teeth of ground clip pierce the anodized coating well. 

Solar Panel Grounding Clips








ISO, SGS, Aluminum testing report.


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The stainless steel grounding clamp has good electrical conductivity and the stainless steel surface makes it less susceptible to oxidation. 

Therefore, when used in a solar installation system, the anodized coating can be pierced well. This makes the module and the rails an electrical path that can transmit current through this small piece of metal to form the ground.

Stainless Steel Solar Panel Grounding Earth Clips

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