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Solar ground screw mounting system bracket structure

HQ Mount PV ground mounting system is a ground system with pre-assembled screw pile foundation.Which is suitable for large-scale commercial installation and multi-purpose installation. As a mounting system for various photovoltaic modules GT1's unique I-shape rail makes the installation simpler and better precision. GT1's pre-assembled rack is designed to save time and manpower.
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PV ground mounting system

Solar Panel Ground Screw Anchor Mounting Brackets are made for photovoltaic ground systems which featured with light weight, high strength and recyclable material.  Customized tilt angles meet complex requirements of construction site and use effectively energy of sun. Pre-assembled beam saves labor time, reduces cost and makes installation quick.

Installation Site Flat & Open Field
Tilt Angle 0-60 degree
Max Wind Speed 0-80m/s
Max Snow Load 0-150cm
Applicable Panel All kind of panels
Installation Direction Landscape/Vertical
Material Aluminum & SUS304
Design Criteria AS/NAZ S1170,JIS C 8955:2011/2017,DIN1055


photovoltaic ground systems

The application of this solution is widely. It can minimize the impact on the environment; and it is simple and fast on installation, which saves installation time greatly, saves installation costs. Ground screw foundation has a unique oblique spiral design,which can greatly ensure the stability and robustness when with standing staic load.

Highly Pre-assemble

photovoltaic ground systems

         N Type                                                   W Type                                                               A Type

Different structures are available with different strength requirements.

photovoltaic ground systems


1. Unique post profile,saving material cost

2. Simple installation,saving labor cost

3. Horizontal and vertical rotation available

4. Tilt IN/OFF Design, easy for installation

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